2020 has been the year of uncertainty and fear.

Nevertheless, we need to recognize that we’ve come to acknowledge so much about ourselves, our weaknesses, and the impact of social, political, and economic decisions. Information keeps been thrown back at us at such a fast pace, that the constant changes, news, and events can be overwhelming. We already know that the environment is suffering from dramatic changes and that the cause is the system we are immersed in. Yet, little we know about the people who are fighting in the front-line, the actions we can take to fight along with them or the exact facts and scenarios expected.

This project is about embracing learning through an everyday object, about sharing and being aware of the full picture. Because information can be carried everywhere, even through a simple day to day garment. Because knowledge needs to come down to earth, address all human beings, and not remain in the scientific, intellectual, or political context.

We need to stop turning our heads around. There is no time for pause.

1st donation: 50% of the money raised by the designer (during the first campaign with Everpress) has been donated to World Wildlife Fund, to help them with their mission to “conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth”.

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